That's What He Said – Mavericks at Celtics

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RE: Daniel Theis’ rebounding tonight:

“I thought Theis’ rebounding was great. The best example of our team really flying around is when our guards rebound like they did at the start of the fourth quarter. You know, Shane (Larkin) is in there going above guys as they’re blocking out. Terry (Rozier)’s in there. Obviously Marcus Smart does it all the time. Jayson Tatum does it all the time. Like, those are – that’s usually a good indicator that we’re pretty locked in, but I thought our bench – Theis specifically, Shane, Terry – those guys all gave us great lifts.”

RE: Going deep into the bench – specifically to Guerschon Yabusele and Abdel Nader – in the second quarter:

“I thought they both did a pretty good job, you know? And those guys work really hard. I mean, nobody’s in the gym more than Nader. And it’s good to see that first shot go down and – and then to make a steal and to make some plays in there. And then Guerschon, I thought, did a good job of kind of playing through him. We need to – we need to be able to play through him in the high post and the top of the key, kind of like we do Al (Horford) when he’s in the game, and I thought he did a pretty good job of that. They haven’t gotten a lot of opportunities here yet, but inevitably they will. Because in the NBA, you can have afternoons like today, where all of a sudden you’re down to 11 guys, and the next man up’s got to be ready.”

RE: What changed for the Celtics defensively in the second half:

“I thought we played harder.”

RE: His comfort in playing Shane Larkin after long layoffs:

“Well, he’s been active, I think, most of these games, but he wasn’t able to play the last few. I mean, he’s still coming of that fall in Miami. And, he tried to play in Indiana for a couple of minutes there but he just didn’t have it. So, it’s been good to — to give him a little bit of a rest. Because you know what he’s going to be able to do. I mean, when he goes in, he can change the tempo. He can – he can get into people on defense. He can – he can drive, he can shoot. You know, he missed a couple of threes, and then he had the moxie to make the next one. Like, he’s a good basketball player. And when we got him, to me it’s all about: games where it’s not going great, he can change the tempo of that. And nights where you don’t have all your bodies, you feel great about him with the ball.”

RE: Is he happy with the team’s growth and progress at this point in the season:

“Yeah, I feel good about where we’re headed. We’ve got a long way to go. Number one concern headed into the season was going to be familiarity, and learning how to play together. Defensively we’ve shown an ability to do that. We’ve added some coverages which we’re not great at yet, but we’ll get better as we go through the season, which is good. We’ve been forced to do that because of the way teams are attacking us. And then offensively we’ve improved. So, you’re not going to have it every night at the highest of high levels on both ends of the court. There are nights like that, but, you know, if you can do it most of the time, or most of the possessions, then you’ve got a good chance.”