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Memphis Grizzlies

Postgame Cleanup: Grizz beat Rockets in battle of unbeaten 98-90

The Memphis Grizzlies remain unbeaten in regular season play as they beat the put previously unbeaten Houston Rockets 98-90 in ...
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Wizards grind out win in Denver, improve to 3-0

Photos | Box ScoreThe Wizards are not a franchise known for red hot starts to the season. Heading into their ...
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Turnovers Spoil a Solid Defensive Effort by Nuggets in Loss to Wizards

There are some simple truths in the game of basketball. One of the most basic is this: Turnovers are damaging ...
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CJ Wilcox Undergoes Successful Knee Arthroscopy

PORTLAND (October 23, 2017) – Portland Trail Blazers two-way guard CJ Wilcox underwent successful arthroscopy on his right knee today, ...
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Game Preview: Warriors vs. Raptors – 10/25/17

The Warriors begin a three-game homestand against the Toronto Raptors on Wednesday. WELCOME HOMEAfter going 2-1 on their recent three-game ...
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Howard Dominates Glass in Hard-Fought Loss in Milwaukee

By Matt Rochinski, ResultDwight Howard brought down a near-franchise-record 22 rebounds and Frank Kaminsky scored a team-high 18 points ...
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迈阿密热火在周一晚上104:93战胜亚特兰大老鹰。理查德森得到了热火最高的21分。 1. 约什·理查德森 从比赛一开始,理查德森就像是穿上了另外的一套装备。在首节他就得到了10分,并帮助热火迅速进入状态。这名24岁的球员冲进篮筐,并在第四节得到了8分。 其中一个更加让人印象深刻的表现来自于比赛最后时刻,当然这与温斯洛的防守也分不开。 在比赛还有4分31秒,温斯洛从麦克处抢到球并传给理查德森,理查德森空中跃起并完成拉杆最终打进。 理查德森完全点燃了。 在防守端,这名前田纳西球员他通常表现出全面水平,防守了多个球员,包括了巴特莫,普林斯和博里纳里。 当然怎么少的了这个挡拆配合的防守呢? 17投8种,理查德森得到了4个篮板,2个助攻,2个抢断,2个盖帽。 2. 艾灵顿 在周一晚上的时候,艾灵顿似乎都没适应他投进这么多3分球。 是的,这完全让别的球员都可以休息了。 艾灵顿在第二节就砍下了19分,并且与热火队史单节3分球数持平。这名29岁的后卫很好的利用了队友的挡拆,很好的保持球的轮换。 让我们来看看这个奥利尼克的3分球。 艾灵顿本晚9投6种得到了20分,2板,2助攻和全队最高的15效率值。 3. 奥利尼克保持他的精彩表现 在经过面对步行者的比赛,奥利尼克面对老鹰同样展现出他的天赋。这名7尺高的大个子很好的完成挡拆跑位,传球助攻。 ...
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Bogdanovic Scores With Ease in First Half Debut

After missing the first three games of Sacramento’s regular season slate, rookie Bogdan Bogdanovic has quickly become acclimated with the ...
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Postgame Quotes – October 23, 2017

DETROIT PISTONS HEAD COACH STAN VAN GUNDY: (On start of the game): “It’s a little bit mind boggling, two games ...
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Hawks 93 – HEAT 104 Game Recap

The Miami HEAT defeated the Atlanta Hawks 104-93 Monday night at AmericanAirlines Arena. Josh Richardson led the way for the ...
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Warriors Down Mavericks In Dallas

The Warriors closed out their three-game road trip on a high note, defeating the Mavericks 133-103 on Monday. Golden State ...
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Trail Blazers Look To Extend Historic Home-Opening Win Streak By Hosting Pelicans

After playing their first three games of the regular season on the road, the Portland Trail Blazers will open their ...
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At the Buzzer | Simmons, Embiid Help Deliver First Win of Season

Recap: DETROIT, MI - The 76ers’ 2016 No. 1 pick has been historic through his first week as a playing ...
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Another 21-point hole, another Pistons comeback – but this one falls short

FAST BREAKDOWN Three quick observations from Monday night’s 97-86 loss to the Philadelphia 76ers at Little Caesars Arena 1-21-POINT HOLE, ...
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Power Rankings: Little Change After The First Week

Despite opening the season with a three-game road trip, the Portland Trail Blazers got their 2017-18 season off to a ...
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Lakers and Spectrum Host "Back to Basketball" Clinic

On Monday, October 16, the Lakers and Spectrum hosted 75 kids from Playworks for a fun-filled afternoon of basketball. The ...
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